A Summer of Signs from the Other Side Part III:The Ghosted Mind

 In the first two articles in this series, we discussed how Souls-in-Spirit send signs from the Other Side using music, objects, and nature. I call this Afterlife Communication 101 since it is a relatively basic and easy way for our deceased loved ones to connect with us.

A more complex method of conveying messages from the Other Side happens through telepathy. Telepathy is communication from one mind to another or one consciousness to another consciousness. Telepathy is a form of extrasensory perception or ESP, which is our sixth sense. Have you ever thought about a person, and a moment later, they telephoned you? That is telepathy at work. When people are soulfully connected on Earth, they tend to be telepathic with each other, and this mind-to-mind communication continues even after one of them crosses over.

Souls-in-Spirit might “ghost our mind” or put a thought into our head warning us of impending danger. Last week, when I was driving alone late at night, a thought “popped” into my head to slow down. I did just that, and lo and behold, as I turned the corner, a buck stood in the middle of the road. We may be unable to ascertain which of our deceased loved ones delivered the warning message to us, but we know that prescient thought did not emanate from our consciousness.

Our deceased loved ones may telepathically prompt us to look at a particular license plate because the numbers correspond with their birthday or some other significant date. The license plate letters could also contain a message from the Other Side.

Have you ever had an inkling to look at a clock or watch just in time to see a repeated number sequence like 11:11, 4:44, or 5:55? These are “angel numbers,” and your deceased loved ones are letting you know that you are divinely guided. The number 1111 is associated with new beginnings; therefore, seeing this number reminds you to enjoy this new phase of your life. 444 portends what you have been working toward will manifest, and 555 prompts you to get in touch with your soul by following your intuition. Every angel number has numerous meanings. Taking the time to Google the different meanings will help you discover the message that resonates and rings the truest.

In times of need, your loved ones on the Other Side will “ghost your mind” to help you find things, particularly objects that pertain to them. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I did what many of my Italian relatives did when they felt life was out of their control: I cleaned. While straightening out a cabinet I had inherited from my great-aunt, I spotted a black felt bag buried at the bottom of a drawer. When I peered into it, I was pleasantly surprised to see a cache of photographs of my parents and grandparents. My deceased relatives must have “ghosted” my mind and told me to clean through that drawer so I could serendipitously discover those precious family photos. They knew finding them would connect me to my family on the Other Side during a heartrending time when I felt deeply isolated from my loved ones on Earth.

Souls-in-Spirit love to visit us on the dream plane. During these visitation dreams, they often hug or kiss us. Other times, they may telepathically deliver a message, warning, or glimpse into the future. These nightly visitations from our loved ones on the Other Side are what Carl Jung called “big dreams” because they are spiritual, meaningful, and illuminating. “Little dreams” deal with mundane everyday occurrences and have little significance in the grand scheme of things.

Visitation dreams, or “astral projection” dreams, are real, clear, and vivid. Upon waking, you will feel your deceased loved one was truly with you. Ordinary dreams are vapory and seem to disappear as soon as we awaken, but visitation dreams last forever. In astral projection dreams, deceased loved ones appear happy, healthy, and vital, bringing immense comfort to the living.

This summer, be open to receiving signs and messages from the Other Side. The magic, wonder, and creative nature of these afterlife communications will never cease to amaze you. More importantly, you will know in the deepest recesses of your heart and soul that love never dies, and death ends a life but not a relationship.