AHS Visits FI

Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society made some real life Fire Island connections to the AHS scenario, and it caught our attention. Worth giving a closer look.

While I’m a seasoned watcher of American Horror Story, I felt as though this season wasn’t up to the usual standards that directors Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk had set for themselves. In previous years, the plot was more concise, and although there are always eerie jump-scares and plot twists, there wasn’t much stability this time around.

Episode One takes place in New York City, where the characters are introduced as they all hear talk about a mysterious virus on the beaches of Fire Island. It was revealed that there were links to this virus in the deer population, specifically in Cherry Grove. It was very cool to hear our locals being spoken about while watching a television show. Later into season 11, the protagonists take a trip to Cherry Grove, and scenes were actually filmed on location – again, it was a very surreal feeling watching our beaches on TV. 

The cast was different from the usual crowd of actors that are known for their work with the show. Primarily a male dominated cast, the series followed the lives of multiple men who throughout the season would ultimately end up dying from AIDS. While few females were present on the screen, they definitely captured the audience’s attention when they appeared. Leslie Grossman returned this season as Barbara, ex-wife to Russell Tovey’s character, Patrick. A closeted homosexual man, Patrick decided to divorce his wife when he met an intriguing journalist, Gino, portrayed by Joe Mantello. Their story was one of the most captivating throughout the season, as they had many entanglements with a suspicious serial killer.

Supposedly a bystander to the horror, Barbara was met with terror when she gets attacked in her shower by the rampant killer. The two lovebirds, Gino and Patrick, attempted to solve the mysteries that the police were choosing to ignore, which ultimately ended in their demise. Patrick becomes ill from AIDS, and Gino visits him for comfort in the hospital until he meets his fate. 

There are many spooky elements to the show, including small details that might not be recognized upon the first watch. Foreshadowing is a major detail of every season of AHS, and this season was no exception. As everyone fell into their destined fate, the coincidences were unmatched, be it the suspenseful tarot card readings or the web of connections with characters had with each other from their past, it was a whirlwind of intrigue.

Season 11 was very intense and darker than past AHS installments, and honestly it was sometimes difficult to watch. Sex scenes often had a violent edge, and the deaths in the script were quite unsettling. Viewers who are sensitive to such material should be cautious before pressing play.