Snow, Boats and Floats: Bay Shore St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2022

Amidst the hail, snow, and whirring winds, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Bay Shore persisted for the first time since 2019, before COVID cast its shadow.

The 30-minute parade was filled with an array of floats and marching bands, and the entire community was brought together after years of uncertainty. The joyous occasion occurred on the Saturday afternoon of March 12 beginning at Saxon Avenue and continuing all the way to St. Patrick’s Church.

Some residents who are regulars in the parade were hesitant to attend due to the dreadful weather forecast, while a some resident groups in Ocean Beach were conspicuously absent in protest as the Fire Island Ferries Inc. / Ocean Beach ferry service suspension still lingers as Fire Island Ferries, Inc. President Timothy Mooney was Grand Marshal this year.

Said groups included the Ocean Beach Fire Department and parents who have children attending Fire Island School District’s Woodhull Elementary School, who march in the parade every year.

Although these familiar faces decided to lay-low while this dispute is ongoing, it didn’t stop Tim Mooney from talking the helm as Grand Marshal and leading the procession.

Some parade highlights included America’s first volunteer firefighter pipe band, the Nassau County Firefighters Pipes and Drums, a family cycling group from Massachusetts known as The Cycling Murrays, as because we live on South Shore Long Island many floats were boats! Island Yacht Sales, a business located in Lindenhurst showcased two shiny, bright blue Everglades festively decorated with shamrocks. Shortly following these beauties was a familiar sight, a Fire Island Water Taxi as well as a Tow Boat. 

In usual fashion, candy, beaded necklaces, flyers, and other goodies were thrown to the eager crowds.

Many different types of vintage cars were also featured in the parade. Locals were excited to see a small green car with a surfboard on top, flying a banner which read ‘Summer is Coming!’ outside of the window – a message that resonated with the crowd in such treacherous weather.

Indeed, summer is just around the corner and the community has endured uncertain and trying times together. Bay Shore’s St. Patrick’s Day parade celebrated this success.