A Summer of Signs from the Other Side: A Three-Part Series

One of the most painful aspects of life is mourning a loved one’s passing. Receiving signs and messages from the Other Side can be a great source of comfort, giving us the strength and will to go on without them. These heavenly messages prove that death ends a life but not our relationship with a deceased loved one.

Music and songs are powerful ways Souls-in-Spirit seek to communicate with us. Pay attention to the songs playing while driving in your car, walking in a store, or dining in a restaurant. You may find yourself thinking about a loved one who has passed, and suddenly their favorite song or one closely associated with them comes on.

I experienced this phenomenon of a deceased loved one communicating through music the day after my father died. Devastated, knowing he had taken his last breath without any family members around him, I headed to the funeral parlor to take care of his arrangements. Not wanting to be alone with my thoughts, I turned on the radio. The song “In the Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics was playing. Immediately I heard these lyrics, “I wasn’t there that morning when my father passed away …” I knew my father was letting me know that he had peacefully transitioned. Moreover, he did not want me to feel guilty since the situation surrounding his passing had been entirely out of my control.

Finding a coin, particularly a penny or a dime, in an unexpected place can be another way Souls-in-Spirit send messages to you. This concept of leaving pennies as a means of communication from the Other Side became more prevalent after the 1936 song “Pennies from Heaven,” written by Johnny Burke and Arthur Johnston, became a big hit. This inspirational song gave people a sense of hope while they walked the earth, and after they crossed over, they began to leave pennies as a reminder to stay positive and to reassure us that they are still around!

Those of us born long before the ubiquitous cell phone remember how we always had to carry a dime to use in a payphone in case of an emergency. For this reason, our deceased loved ones leave dimes around to let us know that they are still just a call away. Say their name aloud or in your thoughts, and then talk to them. They can hear you.

Finding a dime in an odd location can also mean that our dearly departed have heard our request, but what we asked for may not serve our best interest in the long run. For instance, someone may desperately want to work in a particular place. Over and over, they implore their deceased relatives to help them land that job. When they did not get what they believed would be a dream come true, they felt downtrodden and depressed, thinking their prayers had gone unanswered. A short while later, they find a dime on their front doorstep. That dime is telling them that rejection can mean protection. They did not get that job because it was not right for them. Finding that dime was a message from on high telling them to ask again for help finding employment, but phrase the request differently. This time they might word their supplication, “Please help me find work that will serve my higher good,” or “I would like to get this job; Thy will be done.”

Smelling a distinct scent associated with someone who passed, like getting a whiff of their favorite aftershave or perfume or smelling the telltale odor of cigarettes even though no one is around, can be another sign from the Other Side. After the unexpected death of one of my dear friends, a waft of lavender and vanilla filled the air, reminding me of her favorite scented candle. Smelling these signature scents is a subtle way for Souls-in-Spirit to let us sense their presence.

As you go about the lazy days of summer, be open to receiving messages from the Other Side. A clear sign from your deceased loved one will leave you feeling peaceful and calm. Additionally, you will experience an “aha” moment, accompanied by a deep inner knowing that you have been graced with a heartfelt afterlife communication. Upon receiving one of these otherworldly messages, be sure to give thanks. Being in a state of gratitude ensures signs from the Hereafter will keep coming your way.

In Part II of this series, we will examine how Spirit uses insects, animals, and natural phenomena to send messages our way.