From Kentucky to Kismet, with Derbies at Davis


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Photos by Beth Batkiewicz • Lisa Daglian • Mike Fisher

The first May weekend of 2023 will certainly be remembered for the coronation of two folks across the pond, but in this rebel nation, we too decided to adorn ourselves with some royal headgear. The Kentucky Derby may be a few states away, but Fire Islanders also cheered on long shot Mage cross the finish line as we sipped mint juleps. Folks gathered at watering holes in various FI community pockets and our FIN correspondents each captured a piece of the action.

Some highlights include Davis Park Fire Dept. First Assistant Chief Craig Beane and his lovely bride Ginger getting into the spirit the Derby, Steve Lavish and Dale Lally looking stylish in Cherry Grove, and some happy haberdashery in Kismet as well and not for nothing, but the prior day was Cinco de Mayo – and Fair Harbor’s Le Dock served up some mouth-watering delights on a sunset evening to celebrate that as well.