OUT SOUTH SHORE: Hail, Hail Sugar B. Real, APCG Homecoming Queen 2024

History was made on Sunday night; May 26 in Cherry Grove as Sugar B. Real won the crown at the 49th Annual Arts Project of Cherry Grove (APCG) Homecoming Event. She is a woman, a beautiful woman, and the first biological Black female to win the APCG Homecoming Queen title.

Only once before was a biological woman crowned APCG Homecoming Queen, and that was 30 years ago, when Scarlet Oh! (aka Joan Van Ness) won the title in 1994 during the height of the AIDS pandemic.

Sugar B. Real (aka Rhonda Potter) has been a regular fixture in Cherry Grove for quite some time. An Empress in the Imperial Court of New York, our camera regularly caught glimpses of her regal presence aboard the Queen’s ferry during the Fourth of July Annual Invasion of Fire Island Pines. There were many glamorous drag queens who strutted the stage at the Homecoming 2024, but everyone knew the night belonged to Sugar.

Sugar B. Real working the crowd before showtime.Photo by Shoshanna McCollum
Did Michael Moran and Panzi compare notes before dressing that evening?Photo by Shoshanna McCollum
A true monach, the butterfly theme played a central role in Sugar’s persona throughout the evening.Photo by Shoshanna McCollum
Reining Miss Fire Island Gia Bianca Stephens made a cameo appearance.Photo by Shoshanna McCollum
Former Homecoming Queen of 2021, Davida Jones gave a special feature performance.Photo by Shoshanna McCollum
She wears her crown well. Long live Queen Sugar B.Photo by Shoshanna McCollum