Rose’s View ~ Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines

By Robert Levine ~ This is our last column for season 2021, which flew by like a breeze. Cherry Grove and the Pines was chock full of events: fundraisers, shows, bingo, dinners, gatherings and most of all we were here to enjoy it all. We got a little too loose concerning COVID. It was a premature decision but we should now all go back to wearing masks and being concerned of our participation in groups and social events.“Over the Piano” was presented at the Community House, starring Kyle Terrence, Gillian Hassert and Mathew Stephens. It should not have been missed. Congratulations! It was a fresh, bright revue with talented professionals singing Broadway and opera songs with humor and gusto.Comedian Dana Goldberg performed on another night at the Community House. She was hysterically funny, and topical. The audience never stopped laughing. Cherry Grove’s Gay Nathan will appear at the Community House on Aug. 28, at 8:30 p.m. in “ The Pink Unicorn;” and Joe Anania, another Cherry Grove homeowner, will be appearing on Sept. 4, at 8 p.m. in “Hot Times.”The Arts Project hosted a Studio 54 party at Feidel Pitel’s house with food, drinks and entertainment. Davida Jones put together a Disco show that was exciting and flawless with smoke and confetti cannon’s. Stephanie A. Jirard was the guest speaker at the Community House talking about race and discrimination. It was a fascinating discussion to educate the folks in Cherry Grove about the racism in this country.On Sept. 19 we will elect a new president of CGCAI, when Diane Romano will step down after 12 years. A forum was held to meet and greet the candidates Toni Cesta and Amy Schrieber at the Community House, on Aug. 14. We also met the candidates who are running for board members; FIPPOA President Henry Robin was the moderator. It was a stimulating and interesting two hours, and a video is available.Mike Fisher and Gary Sachs had a magnificent luncheon, catered by Freddie, poolside and ocean side to celebrate Mike’s birthday. At least 150 friends from the Grove and the Pines attended.On Aug. 14, Lamda Legal held a major fundraiser I the Pines, reaching a satisfying fundraising figure. It was a beautiful day to have a catered lunch by Billy Carroll and to enjoy a pool party in the sun. Hosted by Todd Sears, Brian Gligor, David Altea and Paddy Pilkington.It is nice to see Andy Cohen back in the Pines once again spending his vacation with his baby boy.The Stonewall Community Foundation in the Pines wants to thank all those for their support of the Pines party, Return To Wonderland.On Aug. 28 CGCAI will host a Luau party at Heaven ‘N Earth, from 5-8 p.m., with a grass skirt contest, five food stations, Limbo contest and blender drinks. Tickets: $125; $100 without alcohol. For details, visit cherrygrovefi.usThe Honors Dinner will be held on Sept. 18 at the Community House, to honor Mark Atten and posthumously Craig Eberhardt. Limited seating. Tickets: $125.The Pines Conservation Society will host their fifth annual Brunch/Silent Auction on Sunday, Sept. 5, at Whyte Hall, from noon-2 p.m. Honoring Ward Auerbach and Andy Baker. Limited seating. Tickets $100. For details, visit pinesconservationsociety.orgThe Pines Conservation Society GO NATIVE will be held on Sunday, Sept. 26, from 9 a.m.-noon. Tod Winston will talk and give a tour, “Birds of Fire Island: The Fall Migrations.” Tickets: $30, available at the fall and winter. See you next year!