Rose’s View

Group at Pines Care Center Opening Season Party.

By Robert Levine

Many of you traveled, while others stayed local last winter. I was on the beat, and happened to catch some Pines and Grove celebrity friends: Laura Haim was a guest speaker on MSNBC covering the election of French President Emmanuel Marcon; Wanda Sykes co-hosted the Academy Awards; and David Sabella appeared as Mary Sunshine in “Chicago.” Recently he won the Mac Award as Best Male – Major Artist for his 54 Below 25th Anniversary “Chicago” cabaret act.

Stephanie Trudeau, a 2020 Bistro winner, is returning to “Don’t Tell Mama,” on June 1.

Julian Cihi, a frequent guest of Hedeki Tikami in the Grove, is one of the leads in “Take Me Out.” The play’s director, Scott Ellis, is a frequent visitor to the Pines.

Antwayn Hopper, also a Pines guest, is a featured player in “Strange Loop.”

Brian Batt, another Pines guest, recently completed his starring roll in “To the Girls.”

Cherry Grove homeowner Jove Meyer is a favorite guest on the “Rachel Ray” show.

Luis Villabon, a favorite Pines performer, celebrated his birthday bash in New York with many guests.

Joe Barros, artist director of New York Theatre Barn, has choreographed and directed many shows in the Pines since 2012. Now he is working with FIPAP producing, directing and choreographing “Barn on Fire,” which will be at Whyte Hall on June 25. He also will direct and choreograph “Pajama Game” for Labor Day Weekend, also at Whyte Hall.

Asa Somers, a Cherry Grove homeowner, is writing a new show. Presently he is the understudy in “Dear Evan Hanson.”

Another Grove guest, John Riddle, is starring in “Phantom of the Opera” as Raoul.

Charlie Williams, Broadway dancer, is the associate choreographer for the “Frozen” world-wide tour.

Andre Ward, star of “Pose,” is starring in the “Moulin Rouge” national tour.

Cabaret performer Seth Sykes, appeared May 24 at Crazy Coqus in London. Catch him on June 10 at 54 Below and July 9 in Cherry Grove.

Finally Rose Levine appeared at The Friars Club in December and February.  She will return to the Cherry Grove Community House in “Broadway Hit Parade” on July 2.

After a successful 12-year run, Diane Romano stepped down last September as president of CGCAI. Congratulations to Amy Schreiber, our new president, and the new board of directors.

Join the Arts Project of Cherry Grove and you can vote for our new Homecoming Queen, on Sunday, May 29, at the Community House. We are returning to in-person voting and entertainment after a few years of a virtual presentation.

Daniel Nardicio brings Marilu Henner to Whyte Hall on May 28, at 8 p.m.