Kismet Kapers

PHOTO: “Botel Reunion.”

Kismet just lost a giant of a man, figuratively and literally. Skee Leeds and his wife Barbara, long-time Kismet residents, are known to almost everyone in town. His friend Karen Spollen wrote, “He loved his friends fiercely and gave all he had generously … Skee will be sorely missed but absolutely not forgotten.” 

Co-chairs Linda Roundsman Knoth and Eileen Rafferty produced the 13th annual Sandcastle Contest last Saturday with 17 entrants in three categories: Children, Adults and Children with Adults. Judges Linda N., Janet O. and Chris C. viewed entries like a Sea Serpent, a Gorilla, two Titanics (one actually sinking into the rising tide) and a CROC (think shoes). Kismet residents contributed to the prizes in all categories. 

Rose Ann Harris held a Boatel reunion party Saturday for visiting Barbara and Kelly Brisco, and other Boatel friends, Sydney, Frank, Carol, Susan, and Don for an evening of champagne and reminiscing.  

Kismet awoke to a loud “M*A*S*H” style low-flying helicopter two weeks ago.  We learned Long Island’s PSEG hired JBI Helicopter Company to fly Bay to Beach search patterns from Kismet to Saltaire to inspect low-level power transmission lines. It seems to have ended after two blocks into Saltaire. 

It was rain or shine for Kismet’s Fourth of July celebrations, which included a tribute to the Vietnam Veterans of Kismet as well as a record number of children’s wagon floats for the 58th annual celebration. As the clouds rolled over at 8 a.m. the float builders emerged, the Kismet Fire Department (KFD) and KFD Auxiliary members, local Vietnam Veterans Phil Villaci and Rusty Phelan and Kismet League for Animal Welfare (KLAW) volunteers set up their tables outside the firehouse. The parade kicked off at 11 a.m with sounds of the Bay Shore Fire Department band ringing through the community. 

All of this was put together, as always, by Sam Wood. Former veteran Jack Henry raised the flag as Saoirse Ryan sang the National Anthem. Sam tapped Tim Sini, former Suffolk County District Attorney, to read and present official New York State certificates of commendation to Vietnam Vets Jack Baker, Jack Henry, Tom Doxsee, Rusty Phelan, Mike Makowski, John Mayer, Phil Villachi, Art Weinstein and Art Weisser.

 Winning parade floats by category include Best Overall “Kismet Pasta,” Most Historical “Eagle,” Most Creative “Super Bowl VII, ”Most Topical “Save the Light,” and Most Patriotic “Rosie the Riveter,” starring Madison. Other floats included a pineapple shaped “Sponge Bob,” “Kismet Through the Eras,” and “Our Heroes,” celebrating World War I. There were small floats with toddlers and even babies like “Ryan’s Safety Rules,” with Casey’s baby Ryan and 5-year-old Merry-Go-Round Mike as “Captain America.”  

KFD sold T-shirts and sweatshirts, raffled a Wagon of Cheer and a Goodie Basket. KLAW’s bicycle raffle was won by Shane and Kathy Abrams, visiting at Lev and Marilyn’s house. Shane’s brother, Brendan, was also a first prize winner in the Sandcastle contest (Sea Serpent.)

The 13th annual Craft Cookout Burger Contest is scheduled for July 14, at 6 p.m. sharp, on Seabay beach. Contestants exercise great creativity to produce a unique burger to bring to the beach where judges will judge. Contact Chef John at 646-221-3749 if you want to be one of them.