Kismet Kapers

One of July’s most exciting events was news of the birth of Casey’s baby girl, Ryan Gray, 6.5 pounds, on July 15. Grandmother (Lollie) Cheryl posted the news on Facebook’s Kismet Homeowner’s page as well as a recent update featuring tiny Ryan snoozing on her Dockatot cozy.

Mike, Susan, and Carol at the Kismet Pine Walk Block Party.

The second exciting July event was the annual Kismet Pine Walk Block Party on July 30. The houses had colorful themes: “Champaign Problems” was decorated with a large pink flamingo; “Cozy A” had red balloons; multi-colored Hawaiian shirts were seen at “Once Upon a Beach.”

The Kismet League for Animal Welfare (KLAW) mid-summer raffle was a great success despite nearly empty Kismet streets on a hot Saturday beach day. Deb Nickla of “Sea Change” won the Scratch-Off wreath with 31 scratch lottery tickets. She and her sisters have been buying KLAW raffle tickets for years. The Apple gift cards were won by Gary Leone and visiting Pat Madsen (Dawn’s mother).

The Kismet Kids Fishing Tournament (aka Arthur Lem Memorial Snapper Tournament) will be held Aug. 16. Any child, 12 or under, resident or visitor, is invited to join in the fun. Signed permission is required so parents should come along with the kids and fishing poles (bait is provided) to sign up at 9:30 a.m., Aug. 16, at tables by the Market. Fishing starts at 10 a.m. as everyone picks a spot along the docks. This is a “catch and release” event and rules state each child has to carry his or her own fish for weigh-in and release back into the bay – a slippery experience for all. After the noon ending, judges will award prizes for the Most Fish and the Biggest Fish for boy and girl in each of four age brackets. Everyone gets a trophy, lunch and soda.

The weekend of Aug. 19-20 promises to be quite eventful. A Murder Mystery night at the Kismet Firehouse, sponsored by Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary (KFDS), features a Roaring 20s theme. Anyone interested should message Kerry Cannava Turner or text 631-252-4209 by Aug. 5. If you aren’t able to sign up in time it should still be fun to watch the costumed participants make celebratory entrances (doors open at 6:45 p.m.). In a Blast from the Past, we’re invited to the fun and tasty GuacoffOff, a Guacamole/Margarita contest on the beach.  This was one of the great Kismet events put on hold for the last years. If you think your guacamole is so good it should be bottled and/or your margaritas are to brag about, you are invited to this competition. Guacamole chef’s dishes should include at least eight avocados and bring chips, serving spoons and a list of ingredients. The event starts at 5:30 p.m. but come early if you want a prime spot at the tables where everyone else is invited to taste the entries. There are judges for each category and tequila prizes.

Call event organizer Janine at 646-240-1680 with any questions.