How is it that August just seems to creep up on us? One day it’s the end of the school year and the next it’s back to school commercials. 

Four generations of the Donohue/Byrnes family gathered in Ocean Bay Park for their annual “invasion” which always takes place the last week of July. There were over 100 family members and friends of the eternally young Carol Donohue and the unstoppable Tommy Byrnes who stayed in 10 houses spanning Cayuga to Superior Streets. Since two of Carol’s daughters own homes on Ontario, much of the action took place on our street’s beach. 

That same weekend, there was yet another sunset soiree on the sand at Champlain with a movie on the beach immediately following. We were all happy to see Patty Loesch in attendance. In anticipation of Shark Week, the movie that Rob Kuhar and his cinema crew presented on the beach at Ontario was not “Jaws” as it was last year, but “Finding Nemo.” The next day, Paula Ingram spotted an actual “merman” on the beach between Erie and Ontario, My theory is the “merman”, whose name is Sergey Tsay was not taking any chances with sharks and decided to hang out in The Park and on dry land, He was accompanied by his friends, Bridget Galvin, Nick Muller, Aaron Fine, Emily Foley, Gabrielle McArdle and Sara Martelli.  Fortunately Paula took photos and the evidence that mermen (as well as mermaids) actually do exist is included for your reference and enjoyment!

OBP’s Matilda Ledger and Seaview’s Elsie Michaelson, the two co-directors of the upcoming production of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” held auditions on the deck at 37 Ocean Bay Boulevard. We are all looking forward to seeing who landed the various roles as well as what their vision of the play will be. It’s wonderful to see two young women taking the helm.

I am so sad to have to report that our dear friend and Ontario Street neighbor, Sharron Cohen, passed away unexpectedly. Sharron was an avid yoga enthusiast who loved Ocean Bay Park and took so much delight in spending time here with her two young grandchildren. 

The annual Ocean Bay Park Association Silent Auction will take place online starting at noon on August 8 and ending on August 26. Fran Miller’s Art Show is August 12.   

July was one hot month with so much going on. Good thing there is so much fun still to be had and so much to look forward to. I think it’s fitting that we are starting the month with two full super moons. If you didn’t catch the Sturgeon moon on August 1, then be on the lookout for the Blue Moon that will end the month.