Barbara Gaby Placilla

The Crab People Conquer Ocean Bay Park.

What’s better than that first BLT of the season with tomatoes from your garden? There is something about biting into a juicy heirloom tomato that is so evocative of summer and to me, it’s what August tastes like. Then, of course, there is the challenge of figuring out what to do with all those tomatoes that ripen all at the same time; gazpacho anyone?  As much as I enjoy them, they also remind me that in just a few weeks it will be September.

Labor Day is just around the corner and the pace of activity in OBP has definitely increased. Families are cramming in as much as they can before their kids go back to school. Katie Dineen called to tell me that Patricia Stack of Champlain Street was recently named Long Island Business Teacher of the Year by the Long Island Business Teacher’s Association. Patricia teaches at West Islip High School where she has been a member of the district for over 25 years. 

This summer, sitting on the beach, we’ve been able to spot sharks, whales, dolphins and rays in the ocean. We had a “merman” come ashore and this past weekend, we had The Crab People – a group of 13 young men celebrating a dual bachelor party. The grooms to be, Mike Verillo and Jake McCrory, left their fiancées at home and came to OBP for a final fling before each of their weddings next month. Among the group was my nephew, Tommy Lott, who lives on City Island. He explained that the Crab People are aliens from the group’s favorite South Park episode. Makes sense, then, that they would land in Ocean Bay Park where, let’s face it, we’ve seen and done it all!

Ric Anderson celebrated the big 80 at a luncheon with close friends from both OBP and Nettles Island aka OBP South. That same day a group of us celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of Kelly and Frank Borges with a very elegant, tented cocktail party on the beach that was hosted by Angelo Sakonas and Mildred Nece along with his grandchildren, Nicholas and Sophia.

The Ocean Bay Park Association Virtual Auction fundraiser has gone live at event.gives with bidding closing on Aug. 29. Please take a look at all the great items and services that have been donated by our local businesses and OBPA members. In addition to the online auction, there will be a raffle with two prizes and two winners. The first winner can choose either an Ooni Portable Gas Pizza Oven or an Apple Watch SE. Raffle tickets are being sold by Steven Jaffe, Fran Lobo and Brett Brubaker. The money raised goes to fund community maintenance and beautification projects. 

Save the date: Sept. 8 – Second Annual Sunset Soiree. OBPA Fun Raiser to support summer activities and events. Hope to see you there.