Ocean Bay Park

“Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before” – Dalai Lama. Ocean Bay Boulevard’s Jared DeSerio had that in mind when he booked a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Bermuda for himself and his girlfriend, Emily Devine, who works at Matthew’s in Ocean Beach. The ship was aptly named the “Adventure of the Seas” because 24 hours before they were to depart Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New Jersey, they were informed that the ship was now sailing north to Canada due to Tropical Storm Alex. Even though they had the option to rebook, Jared and Emily repacked for Canadian weather and took the cruise. They visited Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and despite winning and losing $1,100 playing poker had an amazing time on their redirected Love Boat adventure!

Jared Deserio – This is NOT Bermuda!

I think we really have started to get back to the way we were “BC.” The weekend was packed with events. On Saturday, June 11, we had our first wedding of the 2022 season when Becky Pelletier married Tyler Brown at the bay beach in front of Schooner.

That same day, the OBPFD Auxiliary held their first fundraiser since the pandemic began, a Belmont Stakes Day wine and cheese event with various 50/50 pick a pony pools. All proceeds were donated to the OBP Fire Department. The turnout was fantastic with close to 100 people. Most of the ladies wore some type of hat or fascinator since attendees were urged to wear their race day finest.  I was able to dust off the silver lame proper English lady hat I wore to Tommy Byrnes and Robbie Harris’ Silver Wedding Anniversary party seven years ago. A Belmont Stakes party has been a long standing tradition in Ocean Bay Park so kudos to the Auxiliary for keeping it alive. Special mention goes to Katie Dineen for her excellent choice of wines.

On Sunday, June 12, I received a text from Brett Brubaker and Jeff Clukey, the resident managers of the Seashore Condo Hotel: “We decided to drink to the ’80s after all. We’ll probably start around 6? Bring any fun people we failed to invite.” JoAnne Madeo had the eponymous ’80’s big hair and Tracie Shand rocked the flash dance look. An impromptu pop up party with a theme on a Sunday evening is proof that OBP is BACK!

Almost all of the Fire Island snowbirds have flown back from Florida. Ric and Denise Andersen are back on Superior Street after spending the winter on Nettles Island aka Ocean Bay Park South. Adrienne Ratsuzny is yet to join her housemates on Oneida Street because I bet she’s still playing tennis in Naples.

The following week several of my Gemini sisters and I celebrated our birthdays. Everyone enjoys receiving birthday cards and wishes, but the birthday card I received from our State Senator Alexis Weik made me stop and reflect. Above my name and address were the words Important Information for Seniors Inside. Inside was a list of programs and services including a help line to “learn about nutrition, programs, services and activities for seniors in your community.” Happy Hour was not on that list! Of course all of this is vital and important information, but it really made me feel old until I remembered that Mark Twain said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Till next time!