Saltaire Summery

Sufferin’ suffrage! Democracy reared its battered head in Saltaire last Friday, and Trustees Anna Kovner and Nat Oppenheimer won election and reelection, respectively, both running unopposed, in itself homage to their hard work and estimable records. In our first mid-summer day’s election, turnout hobbled in at 46, the second-lowest in memory (bested only by the 41 voters who braved the ballot-box in COVID-afflicted 2021.) Yet this too seemed a sign of confidence in the candidates. Results: Kovner 46, Oppenheimer 38, write-ins 4 (for Michael Kahler). The tally was remarkable in one respect, in that Trustee Kovner received every vote cast, unheard of in Saltaire.

Meanwhile, Associate Justice Larry Shire ran unopposed to succeed retiring Village Justice Frank Markus, Judge Shire winning 39 votes, with one write-in for Judge Markus. I pause to pay tribute to Frank Markus, who has dedicated almost a quarter-century to public service in Saltaire, as two-term trustee, associate of the-then SCAA, and for 12 years as justice, where he swapped meeting people on the beach for meeting justice from the bench. 

Terms begin in September (two years for trustees, four for justice) and nobody gets paid (Ocean Beach, take note). Village Administrator Mario Posillico did report receiving a call from a partisan of Pal, which made him sit up as the caller begged that Mario “find” 47 more votes for Saltaire’s favorite canine write-in, but Mario is not one to roll over and play dead for a phantom front-pooch campaign and barked a firm “No!” He even refused to accept a box of ballots marked with illegible paw-prints from fake dogs – all in all, a typical Saltaire election.

Last Saturday we celebrated 100 years of Saltaire lifeguards’ service to the community; nothing is more important, or potentially dangerous, than the preservation of human life, and for a century our guards have proven themselves again and again, with the gratitude of all. 

The Artisan Fair, Bay Picnic and fireworks returned and were their usual spectacular selves, thanks to all who made them possible. Finals of the 24th Perlberger Cup and the Jogathon were too late for press time, but everything looked bullish. 

Meanwhile, the SCA announced its Compost Pilot Program (visit their website), whose goal is reducing Saltaire’s impact on the environment. 

On Aug. 27, St. Andrew’s By-the-Sea marks its 100th anniversary, with a Mass at 10 a.m. followed by a reception on the market deck to which everyone is invited.