Kismet – Across the Bay with MJ

Kismet – Across the Bay with MJBy Marijane VoltzOnce again, as tradition would have it, Pine Walk’s July Fourth Water Balloon Battle took place between the Paddy Shack and Ruts Hut. As family and friends gathered in the kitchen of the Paddy Shack on the clear and beautiful morning, pounding and splashing rang out as water balloons slammed the house in succession. Dropping whatever bagel, eggs or bacon they were eating or coffee they were enjoying, battle mates ran to their designated posts.With several soft cooler bags loaded with water balloon ammunition, and skillful marksmen Kevin Rafferty and buddy Mike, who is centerfielder for the Stevens Ducks, the war got underway. As neighbors watched this epic battle take place, it was anyone’s game to win. Even though Ruts Hut had their massive sling shot, Paddy Shack had great aim. It wasn’t until about 15 minutes later that the blasts of water and latex slowed down. With both sides trying their hardest to replenish their ammo, Uncle Joe Beltrano, who was on the ground floor, and Eileen Rafferty, who was up on the mast, feverishly filled extra balloons in an effort to keep up with the endless shots that were soon to come their way.Jeff Schou from the Tiki Hut, who stands at 6 feet, 5 inches, joined the Paddy Shack in the second half, giving the team the extra height advantage that was needed. Jeff took his place up on the roof beside Paddy Shack Cousins H.J. Rafferty; Brendan Sweeney who also stands at 6 feet, 5 inches; Kara Rafferty; and Jillian Beltrano. The team battled it out until Ruts Hut ran out of supplies and waved their white flag.This was a first win for Paddy Shack in four years but it will not be their last, as they now have their winning strategy in place. Even with their massive battle axe of a sling, Ruts Hut had to surrender. Just goes to show that bigger isn’t better.Jimmy Sugrue’s beachfront birthday bash took place on July 10, as friends and family gathered to help him ring in his 61st year. Jimmy’s younger sister Eileen and little brother Patrick made the journey to Fantasy Island, making their presence the greatest present of them all. Guests who celebrated with Jimmy included Lou Romanzi, Pam Russo, Tony Manzo, Emmy Ryan and Cheryl Licari to name a few. With a delicious potluck and plenty of bubbly, it was the perfect summer setting for 1One guest at the party who I was able to catch up with was Saoirse Ryan. Saoirse is a beautiful young woman who has grown up in front of our eyes. Having just graduated from Brearley High School in Manhattan, she will continue on to the University of Chicago with an interest in pre-med. Saoirse chose the University of Chicago because the students are serious about learning and that’s the type of environment she wants to immerse herself in. Good luck to Saoirse and all of her endeavors.Friday, July 15, the Surf’s Out hosted their annual Italian Night, their “most romantic night of the year.” As guests arrived in the courtyard, they took to their designated tables, ordered drinks and settled in as entertainer and Frank Sinatra “sound alike” Steven Maglio serenaded the crowd, encouraging guests to get up and dance. With endless amounts of antipasta and assorted hot pasta dishes, guests were so satisfied that a food coma was setting in.On Sunday, July 17, one of our Kisminites said yes to a marriage proposal Bryana Romanzi, daughter to Paddy and Lou Romanzi, will be saying “I do” to Ronald Novaro sometime next year. Having met years ago while working in a restaurant on the mainland, they came over to Kismet, Bryana’s favorite place in the world, in order to work at the Surf’s Out. Kismet is where they fell in love. They now live on the mainland and are busy running their own business.While visiting Kismet to celebrate Patti Romanzi’s birthday with Pam and Tony Manzo and Emmy and Jim Ryan, the four couples sat down to dinner. Ronald gave thanks to Patti for being born and for giving Bryana life, because she truly makes him happier than ever. He then got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. Kismet wishes you all the happiness in the world.The Kismet Inn’s summer music lineup has started once again with Ed Travers performing every Wednesday night and “Don and Russ” jamming for the crowd on Thursday nights. Don, Willy and Russ performed on July 23, and had the crowd dancing for hours and Barry is Dead played on July 24. Dates and bands at the Inn to keep in mind are: The Blind Squirrel on July 30, Mahoney and Bones on July 31, The Paul Johnson Quartet on Aug. 2, The West Islip Jazz Quartet on Aug. 9 and No Request on Aug. 13.Southside Hospital Northwell Health Pirate Fest will be taking place on Aug. 2. All proceeds raised will go towards the Bohlsen Family Emergency Department, which is an American College of Surgeons verified trauma center, where there are trauma surgeons on staff 24/7.The new Bohlsen Family Emergency Department will open on the Tuesday after Labor Day, with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for Aug. 25. The emergency department will triple the size of the current emergency room. The design will facilitate the rapid intake and immediate triage. There will be a locked six-bed behavioral health unit with a separate entrance as well.The Pirate Fest is a wonderful fundraiser that is bettering Southside Hospital’s emergency department. Come and enjoy a day of fun with a rum runner competition, wine tasting and raffles for the grown up Pirates and a carnival, face painter, caricaturists and parade for the wee little scallywags.Email MJ at to share any of your Kismet news and happenings.